Saturday, January 12, 2013

Okay, I took a little "fiscal" break on the side lines, because as far as im concerned, the political games whip sawing the market with uncertainty can be left for the gamblers.  Al though anyone long through the cliff got PAID....I was all CASH.  So far into January we've had a lot of bullish momentum in the financials, I entered a few positions in FAS$, and GS$ for quick scalps.  These financials still look attractive to me, along with JPM$ and C$, at the right entry of course.   You're looking to get long these stocks (using options) above their last weeks high with a stop at break even or wherever you feel comfortable (MAKE SURE PRICE CONFIRMS STRENGTH.  Ill be also keeping an eye on AAPL$ GOOG$ PCLN$ AMZN$ XLF$ FB$ XLI$ and BIDU$.  Will post charts coming soon, along with entries, positions, and stops.  Video tutorials are in the works as well. GL next week all.

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